Questionable Adventures at PAX

Shorter post than most I will do, but busy with putting together a project outlined below, enjoy the sneak peek!

One of the inspirations for the name of this blog was a survey system I had cooked up years ago while in my Entrepreneurship class in college.  The basic premise was that as users took a survey, a narrative story would unfold based upon their answers to the questions contained within it.  To continue the narrative, the user would have to continue to answer more questions, driving them to answer even more questions to give more marketing research data to work with.  Upon completion, they would be able to share their narrative with others and invite them to complete their own to share!

Just in time for PAX, I have the survey site ready to gather market research data and hopefully generate some buzz through good ‘ole fashioned guerilla marketing tactics.  A developer and a writer have teamed up with me to make this a reality, and I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished together!

Initially, users will be invited to take a quick survey that is 15 questions long and explains the format of the surveys.  It’ll also prompt them to name their character they will be taking through the narrative with their survey responses and set a couple other variables to be used. Upon completion of this survey, they’ll be thanked and sent an email validation to ensure future surveys go where they are supposed to!

The second survey goes out about an hour after the first one, and actually starts to generate the first chapter of their narrative.  Upon completion, they see their narrative thus far, and are encouraged to keep an eye out for the next survey to be delivered to their inbox inabout 4 hours (plenty of time to enjoy PAX in the meantime before taking a break to complete another survey and reveal more narrative adventures).

They continue this process for up to ten surveys (all have 15 questions each) to complete the entire narrative.  Share buttons will be available at this stage, and hopefully gather more responses from folks who were unable to attend PAX (or just didn’t cross paths with me).

I’ll be sharing the results of these surveys naturally in a future post once data is compiled and sorted in a readable format!

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